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About Me

First impression has to be the most important impression of all, so I plan to make remarkable impact. I’m new to the Film industry and I am here to expand my portfolio and embellish my career. My Style has no Limitations, but I am yet selective on the Jobs I choose. I very multi talented I’ve study Mix Martial Arts, I also involve myself in music productions and I’m currently a student at a local JC. Hopefully you like what you read so far to appoint a face to face meeting. Hope to work with you soon.

My Name is Tatum Willou I'm 22yrs old Oakland California born to a single parent but raised in a 10 persons household. As a young child I preformed at several different venues throughout Oakland, creating a small buzz I landed my picture in the local newspaper, interviewed by the popular television network Nickelodeon News and paid performances.I have worked with Ron Anton.Video Model for well known artist through the music industry.Ive also Acted in a couple plays in the bay area.


Tatum Willou
Eye:Dark Brown

Hip-Hop X Wives Indie film
Supporting Actress
Director: John

Celebrity Talk
Cartoon Voice Over Lead
Director: Michael Clark

A Raisin In the Sun

Special Skills
Accents:London English,Mexican and Spain
Dialects: New York,Texan
Martial Arts: Blue Belt
Computers:Logic 8

Music Video
Fat Joe Video- Welcome to the Crack House Single
50cent - Single Ok ok
RedMan and Method man music video extra-International
Prince Damon's feat Too short- Take a picture


27 Sep 11 04:04
Love your pic...see me at http://www.becomeactress.com/
18 May 10 01:26
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos :)
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