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A few things about me is i'm an extremely extroverted person with a passion for the arts. I love to have fun at home or out in the world, learning as much as I can about societies, cultures, and people in general. I love to swim, horseback ride, dog walks, amusement parks, scrapbooking, singing, and im sure i would love to ride a bike if I knew how, oh dear, that's my shamefull little secret! shhh ;) I also enjoy many ethnic foods, but i would have to say italian or chinese would be two of my favourites. Oh, if you have never tried beef creole, i recommend searhing it and trying it, it is quite delectable! If there is anything more you wish to know about me please feel free to contact me through here or hotmail, my email address is Bye!


David Halmai - photographer -


20 Apr 10 12:10
good start Check out my fan page - there is much more and more recent work there.
16 Mar 10 18:57
It seems that all women from Canada no matter their age are beautiful. Less sunlight, DNA, or something in the water...
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