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About Me

I am currently a hobbyist/amateur photographer and small business owner in the gaming industry, as well as a freelance designer.
I have a few projects in mind that are in the very early stages, both in the fantasy gaming market. Both will require models and at least one photo editor, especially a photo editor skilled at infusing their images with fantastic imagery and special effects.
Perhaps I can find some one to work with here.
The first project is a fantasy table-top roleplaying game which juxtaposes our real world with several fantastic otherworlds. My tentative plan is to eschew the traditional art normally seen in the Rpg industry in favor of photography that seamlessly blends realistic urban and workaday individuals and situations with striking fantasty landscapes and creatures.
The other project is an abstract card game featuring photographed artwork that draws the players into a world of post-civilization ruins, urban decay, angels, demons and beautiful people of all genders making their way through this strange world.
Both projects are in the very tentative planning stages and my firm is committed to neither. But it is my hope to make contacts here for when the day comes that we go forward.