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*** Photoshoots will NOT be setup via messages. You can send a message to introduce yourself and your shoot ideas, however all following correspondence must be done by email/phone. No exceptions! ***

Due to scheduling demands at this time, TF* is not being considered. If you have an idea you feel I can bring to life for you, I am available for hire for reasonable rates. If I feel you can bring an idea I have to life, I am willing to hire you.

Defining, Evolving, Intimate; Three words that can easily describe Joey B's art, whose unique photographic talent comes from his innate ability to recreate the artistic visions and stories he holds in his mind prior to pressing the shutter on his camera.


Model: Christina | MUA/Hair: Jessica Jean | Location: Scarlet, Buffalo NY USA

Model/Hair: Amante | MUA: Florence Chan | Location: Studio204, Toronto ON CA

Model: Michelle | MUA/Hair: Florence Chan | Location: Toronto ON CA


Joey was recently featured and interviewed by Urban Mainstream Magazine:

1.) When did you get started with photography and what inspired you?

I started with photography very young. My father is also a photographer, so I grew up with a darkroom in the basement. He showed me how to develop black and white film before I even learned how to ride a bicycle. I can still remember watching the images form on the paper in the developer trays. It was very magical for me as a young boy. My father taught me all the basics, like shutter speed and aperture, and also some advanced techniques like creative use of depth of field and dodging/burning in the darkroom. He mostly photographed people and landscapes, but didn’t delve into fashion or beauty.

Fashion and beauty photography for me came much later, when I was inspired by a trip to Maui about five years ago. I went with a friend, and we met some really amazing travelers along the way. One evening while four of us were walking along one of the beaches, I realized I had three frames left on my last roll of film. Since we were on a sunset-lit beach, and I was walking with three beautiful women, I had the thought of having each of them stroll up the beach towards me and I’d capture each one as the waves crashed up around their feet. Something in that moment triggered the desire to develop skills in fashion and beauty photography.

2.) What are you aiming for when you create your shots?

To create a unique image that inspires not only others, but also myself to create more and more beautiful photographs. I love to capture the beauty of life around us via the people that I work with. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and I aim to bring that to the forefront of the photograph. Lately I’ve been working towards series of images that I can use to tell stories, to further the depth and dimension of each image into parts of a whole.

3.) What do you look for in your subjects?

Sincerity and professionalism. I like to know that the people I work with are there to further themselves positively in a professional manner, but also know how to have fun with it as well. If you can’t have fun while you create imagery, then why do it? If you’re real, and enjoy a few laughs while you work towards something you take seriously, then we’re compatible shooting partners.

*** Serious photo shoot inquiries only.***

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Amazing work! You are an excellent photographer!
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