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I have been interested in photography as long as I can remember, and until recently not able to focused on modeling shots. I am mostly looking for TFP/TFCD shoots. I enjoy shooting images that contain a human element. Whether it's emotion, expressions, form, beauty or spirituality. Virtually anything/people with dynamic energy.

I am not necessarily looking to turn photography into a money making venture, so I'm very laid back, and ultimately just want to enjoy the creative process and take some great photos. I'm open to lots of different ideas, easy going and have good sense of humor. I want the models to feel comfortable and free to express their creative vision, strike a dramatic posing, or add a new twist on classic poses. I believe this is the models' photo shoot and I am just lucky enough to be here to capture the beauty that everyone needs to see.

Currently, I'm looking for anything that expands my experience and broadens my creative thinking. I'm open to any type of shoot but feel most comfortable in controlled setup with non-essential material, such as demo shoots and porfolio images.

I am driven and curious about photography, so I am very open to any suggestions about different views and setups that would help models express their beauties and our passions. So bring your props and your assortment of clothings that will accentuate your most flattering attributes and allow you to express your sensualities and uniqueness. Together we will have a fun comfortable environment and bring a creative edge to any of our shoot.

As for my creative style, I gravitate towards clean, natural looks, where heavy retouching is not desired. I have working knowledge in photoshop, so its doable if necessary. I'm a novice photographer, but I am creative with a savvy marketing background, tapping into both attributes while I work.

I can be reach at MikeKhuu@gmail.com if you prefer emailing, and be sure to click on my Photostream website above/below to view more pictures of the beautiful models I had the fortunate to photograph. I wish you all the success in the world of your modeling endeavors. 0

NOTE: I prefer to shoot w/o a chaperon, it would be greatly appreciate if the model's escort is not present at our shoot.


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13 Apr 12 13:41
We're all very thankful you are one. Yes, indeed! HALLELUJAH !!! :)
13 Apr 12 12:29
Thanx! I guess that what happens when you have an over 10 inch difference between waist and hips. I got it from my momma.:)God I love being a woman
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