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About Me

Over the past couple of years I have been slowly building up a portfolio of mainly black & white work. Most of the work that I do is in the Irish landscape where the female form makes an interesting and quite often seductive contrast against the rugged landscape, conveying the fragile nature of our very existence on this planet. I aim to make much more than pretty pictures and always strive to bring out the beauty in both the models and the landscape. Quite often I work with first time models who have either seen my work or been referred to me and simply want a lasting image of themselves that they and I can be proud of. Before I embark on a session with a model I usually show them some of my work along with sketches of future work that I have planned. This I find gives the models a greater insight into where I am coming from and also allows them a greater input into the session which makes the whole experience much more enjoyable and fulfilling for all concerned.