About Me

FMA Magazine (Fashion, Music, Arts) truly represents metropolitan lifestyle. We will fuse together the worlds of Fashion, Music & Arts and be a forum where lovers of all 3 categories can come together. At FMA Magazine we highlight and examine current trends that define the metropolitan lifestyle, and heavily focus on the new movements and trendsetters rising within our community. We will uplift our community and give back by setting up fund-raisers and other charitable events.

Our goal is to motivate our readers while providing an un-established artist a place to showcase their talent to a wider audience. FMA Magazine recognizes that all of tomorrow’s success stories and future trendsetting artists are inspired by the communities they live in, and therefore we have pledged to always keep our ears close to the street. In keeping up with our goal to motivate and inspire our readers, FMA Magazine will also feature interviews and articles featuring mainstream artists who can offer advice and insight on their paths to successful careers.