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About Me

I'm an experienced photographer that loves to capture unique imagery seen but usually never photographed. I love working with new and experienced models providing them with unique, creative, artistic and obscure pictures.

I love shooting Fashion within a Candid/VOYEURISTIC perspectives as it would be seen when worn, kind of like a candid wedding photography but with fashion or portraitures.

I've recently added Couple Captures to my set of specialties for married and non-married couples, Gay or Straight, where we shoot a series of images outside and/or indoors. Images or video here range from the polite portraitures passed out at family reunions to the hot and steamy erotic images shown only within the couple's most private settings. Which includes anything from shooting couples on the beach holding hands walking, eating dinner at their favorite restaurant or capturing them at their most intimate interactions.

My Nudes are can be artistic, erotic, playful or thought provoking, but they are always exciting to produce for the model and others involved. Most my shoots involve pushing the envelope where the models leave saying they "did not know they could do that".

I love working with very creative models, make up artists and stylists on large and small editorial projects where the product is not something easily recreated. Although I have access to a fully stocked studio, I love shooting outside, in the public when possible. I think life is experienced in public, so why not shoot in it as much as possible.

Thanks, now lets shoot.



23 Jun 12 20:18
Welcome to i Studio! I really enjoyed viewing your port!
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