About Me

Jump to http://focaljam.com to see my work.

The Past
I was always fascinated by two things when I was a kid: photography and the female beauty. I got my first taste of using SLR (and black and white film) back in secondary school, as an exchange student to Japan. My mentor taught me the basics: camera, developing B/W film, and even portraiture. The most important lesson he taught me, which is something that I believe up to this very day, is that "everyone has a photogenic angle".

I wanted to pursue my passion for photography back then, but unfortunately the economics of it wasn't viable at that time. I just made sure that the flames of that passion did not burn out.

More than a decade later, I picked up where I left off when I moved to Singapore. I tried other genres to get the ball rolling again. I even volunteered with Singapore Red Cross (and at that time, I was the only Filipino photographer on their roster).

Then I met two other mentors, who have great influence on my style, and they both drew me back to my first love: the female beauty. I got a chance to work with professional and amateur models from different countries and cultures: Brazilians, Russians, Canadians, Americans, British, Czechs, Australians, Chinese, Thais and Malays.

The Present
I am currently based in the Philiipines, working as the Director for Information Systems for a global research company. As far as my schedule goes, I'm pretty much flexible even on a work week.

So, to all the female models out there: Let's shoot!

Interested models (including first-timers) can send me a message here, or email me at john [at] focaljam [dot] com.

The Future
Can't really say where this will take me. Just like with one other passion that I have: it's best to just feel it and not think about it. The fun and pleasure is in experiencing it.

As one Jedi master said, "Don't think. Feel."

Plus of course, there's you and me in a photoshoot session.

What's in My Camera Bag
I have brand loyalty for several realistic reasons. And I am NOT one of those "my camera is better than yours" folks.

What's in My Other Bag
My other bag allows me to do on-location studio-like setups. It packs my lightstands, brollies, reflectors, backdrops, gels, snoots, slave flashes, etc.