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About Me

Im a photographer based in the Dominican Republic since year 2000. Photography is my passion, and my way to express my admiration to the beauty of a woman. I started to attend to photo workshops in USA in order to expand my knowledge and vision in boudoir/glamour/nude photography and I have had the opportunity to work with high caliber photographers such like Harrison Funk, Eli Reed, Dave Hall, Dan Howell Rolando Gomez, Shelly Katz and Jay Kilgore among others. In the future I hope Im able to work with many amazing models in the industry and hope to bring some of them to my country . JC Molina


Models and photographers I have worked with:Dave Hall -Photographer-Dan Howell -Photographer- MM 8116Harrison Funk -Photographer-Rolando Gomez -Photographer-Ely Reed -Photographer-Shelly Katz -Photographer-Carlotta Champagne MM-3155Bonnie Rose MM 869015Valerie Whitacker MM 5028Stormey MM 23314Jessika Dorian MM 725970Kneely Morgan MM 158243Tianna Hunter MM 9675Laureen Queen Not on MMK.T. MM 263892Amy Davis MM 42864Jay Kilgore- PhotographerBobbie Dier not on MMStacey Laviolette MM 1223902and many more


18 May 10 00:38
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos :)
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