About Me

I'm a Professional Photographer based in Brighton which is on the South Coast of England.
I have over twenty five years of experience, working first with film, and in the last eight years
with digital. I also work with print so can produce professional quality portfolio images.
I have worked in motorsport, moto GP as well as modeling, so I have a broad range of experience.
For modeling portfolios I am very aware images will be viewed by other experienced professionals, so
I try never to take the same shot twice !
I started my professional career as a photo-journalist and was taught never to repeat myself, its a discipline I try and continue with my photography.
I work in Photoshop everyday, and am very experienced in photo enhancement, but all of my portfolio images here are pretty well as shot, in camera.
For modeling, professionals want to see you as you are, not as you can be.
I get models work because of that.
Always happy to test interesting new faces with potential