About Me

I am looking to expand my portfolio. Also, looking to explore new avenues and try out new projects. I have a few ideas in mind however, I am always welcome to a creative direction.


09 Jan 11 12:04
Outstanding images, I hope u have a great 2011!
18 Sep 10 14:52
Check out the photos that John Zaale did for me. I have received the most amazing response particularly on MM. You are lucky to have him in your area. He makes everyone look like a movie star.
28 Jun 10 11:16
You need a power suit portfolio to get ahead...make the big bucks...meet and greet the power shakers...your career is ready to take off with the confidence and presence you get with power suit portfolios. Yes you qualify for the $1.99 special.
21 Jun 10 00:27
Welcome...I want to introduce you to my friend Yalcamuewl from Sirius. He thinks you are perfect for some projects he has in mind. Can he borrow you for a few days?
21 Jun 10 00:25
Hi, Now that you have moved up to Estero, you are right around the corner from where I can shoot.
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