About Me

my name Enrico Setiawan, I'm a :

* Photographer
* Photo Studio

facebook : Enrico Setiawan II
studio page : www.facebook.com/EastStarPhotostudio
pin : 229F1C5B

I am very happy joining this website, in this great photography community.

To all models ( No Experience - Experience ) from all the world, who want to make portfolio photos, just contact me, I will help you as a kind of collaboration (TF).

" Real happiness is so simple, but most people do not recognize it. They think it comes from doing something on a big scale, from a big fortune, or from some great achievement, when, in fact, it is derived from the simplest, the quietest, the most unpretentious things in the world. ” ~ Orison S. Marden

" Kebahagian sejati sebenarnya sangatlah mudah dan sederhana. Kebanyakan orang menilai dan beranggapan bahwa kebahagian diperoleh dengan melakukan hal-hal yg besar, keberuntungan yg luarbiasa, atau pencapaian yg hebat. Padahal sesungguhnya, kebahagian sejati diperoleh dari hal-hal yg ringan, yg sederhana, bukan dari suatu kemewahan & kemegahan yg ada di dunia ini. "



07 Oct 14 22:24
beautiful port
06 Oct 14 22:46
Lovely work!
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