About Me

Hey everyone. My name is Pete, but everyone calls me P.J... My photography skills and understanding how to manipulate light with objects are constantly evolving.

Aside from being a husband and father of three, I am also the owner and publisher of an automotive e-magazine. Also, I have been a volunteer firefighter for about five years.

I am mostly available to shoot anywhere on Long Island, as well as the five boroughs of New York City. I may also be available to shoot when I travel thoughout the year. Among my other destinations are Las Vegas (usually during the first week of November for the SEMA Show), and Puerto Rico & Miami where I constantly visit and vacation every year.

I work with enough photographers on a constant basis where I have adopted some of their standards and have also incorporated my own. I'm not going to type a list of rules, but if I agree to shoot with someone we will speak prior to shooting to make sure we have an understanding.

I am very proficient with most major photo editing software and methods so I rarely contract for it. I have learned graphic design from Chubb Institute as well as an understanding of business from Seton Hall University.

If it's an TF-shoot where you would like a copy of the unedited photos by the end of the shoot, I would recommend TF-BYFD (Bring Your Flash Drive). It's easier to bring a 2-8GB flash drive with you so I can easily transfer photos in minutes, especially if I bring my laptop and we're out on location. For an edited TFCD, I would like at least a 1-week turnaround time so that I can edit up to 7 photos for both of our portfolios.

I do not shoot nude photography. I think it's great and very artistic, but just not for me. Implied is ok.

Although, my website is under construction and it will not be dedicated 100% to just photography, but more of a lifestyle portfolio that will include much more aspects of my life and situations. I should have something up there soon.

I enjoy receiving constructive criticism. Feel free to comment on any photos, tag me, e-mail, etc. If I do not reply right away, please be patient as I juggle a lot.

*Rest in Peace Dad - 7/18/2011*