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Basically, I have been a passionate photographer for approximately 15 years capturing fitness, bodybuilding, senior pictures, sports, weddings, glamour, boudoir, fine art, modern pinup, fashion, as well as tasteful artistic nudes. I offer quality service providing the utmost professionalism, comfort, and quality at an affordable price.

As an artist, I enjoy capturing portraits of any genre, but my experience in the bodybuilding industry has allowed me to extend into boudoir, glamour, fashion, and modern pinup. A lot of my subjects are in the best shape of their lives and want to capture that moment in time.

There is certainly a positive impact that portrait photography can do for individuals especially when it builds confidence and makes one feel beautiful.

Most of my subjects have been female, but I enjoy working with males just the same especially for fashion, bodybuilding and senior portraits. The images that we create will last forever and I like to have fun in the process.

I do very select TF (Trade) work now that I have a broadened portfolio and also because my fees are very reasonable, but I do collaborate with models for trade to enhance my portfolio and to practice my craft.

Various factors determine my fees:
-Equipment Cost.....Basically, wear and tear on my expensive gear like cameras, lenses, flashes, and professional lighting. Other expenses include editing software, soft boxes, fog machines, wind machines, backdrops, and anything else necessary to get the best images to you.
-Shooting Time
-Studio Rental
-Editing Time
-Travel Expenses

I take pride in being a professional at all times and please feel free to message any model listed as a reference.

For my services, please E-mail me at retaggartphotography@gmail.com As a health care professional and a caring parent, a password is required for viewing images that should be viewed by audiences of a mature nature.

Thanks for visiting my site and check out my blog at https://www.retaggartphotography.com/blog

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Models that I have photographed:

Bella Brandi MM# 511193
Kennedi Kay MM# 196510
HayleyB MM# 415821
MandiB MM# 397899
Jade Wagner MM# 383373
Quannie MM# 552318
Goddesangie! MM# 538339
Monica Rodgers (Fitness Model)
Leyla Yurchick (Fitness Model)
Miss Chantelle Marie MM#527622
Rita Seagrave (Fetish Model)
Bennu Fushicho MM#565959 (Art of Shibari Rope Bondage)
Angela Makeever MM# 155173
Mila Marea MM# 579008
Ashley Beth MM# 76758
Amanda-F MM# 119300
Lindsay Dollface MM# 395104
Allante MM# 409669
Yummy (Dolls of Evolved)
Miss Bones (Dolls of Evolved)
Kayanne MM# 688136
Cherokee Luv MM# 503126
Miss Amanda Hypes MM# 498560
Qute MM# 528033
AnaVay MM# 381325
Lisa SWF MM# 610522
Kat (Florida)
diamondintheroughlove MM# 645831
Lisa Simakas (Fitness Model/Competitor)
Brittany Shelton (Senior Pictures)
Joelle Marmagin (pregnancy)
The Body III MM#716120
Baronness MM# 583031
Kristin Wheatley (Model)
Russian Seduction MM# 741873
Jessica1985 MM# 637251
Xaina Mayhem #252968
Miss PussyKatt
Jesslyn Mayhem #612190
Drusilla Parker MM#352440
Jess LG Mayhem #852162
Mz Pink MM# 886098
Sara Sunshine MM# 1061877
Kelsey Dylan MM# 1038886
Monica Varasso (Fitness Model/Competitor)
Grace Grimes (Fitness Model/Competitor)
Becky D MM# 1085520
Stephanie Ketchum MM#1128012
Lisa Dawn MM#855926
Natasha Fatale MM#613243
The Gotham Girl MM#1176553
Sierra Kitten MM#805041
Becky D MM#1085520
Jennifer Harr MM#1311776
Aleah Oelmann MM# 726052
Stacy Degler
Sandra Avelli (Fitness Model)
Krista Lellehei (fitness Model)
Kennedy Claire MM# 1592109
Melania524 MM#1687635 (Fitness Model/Fine Art)
Kelley Marie Fitness MM# 1687769 (Fitness Model)
Rommey Murphy (Fitness Competitor/Model)
Kristina O'Brien (Fitness Competitor/Model)
Missy Smith (Fitness Competitor/Model)
Lenora Lyons
Nina Antonacci's MM#1735293
Sikkora Kelly MM#11998 Swimsuit Model Florida
Jade_Love MM#681504 Erotic/Pinup
Seraphina Black MM# 1639757 Erotic/Pinup
Malissa raj MM#1851543
Stephanie Pischotti
Michaela E MM# 2008213
Katie Cramer Dernoshek
Camille Clarke MM#1456481
Heidi Lesko Fitness Competitor
Shelby Dworakowski Fitness Competitor
Diana Mizak (Bodybuilder)
Natalie Nicole Harrison MM#1676472
Sera Fae MM# 1174303
Lisa Miles
Lauren Lisa MM#263534
Carla Preasha MM#2761646
Katie Nania MM#2744587
Krystal Kadaver #29040
Princess Sara B 1343398
Bridggitte #1872985
Carri Woodgerd (Fitness, Glamour)
The Glitter Princess MM#2632791
Katie Ross
Tara Ianetta (Figure Competitor)
BritanniJalani MM# #3152593
Mickey Pauley MM#3185898 Fitness
thetristar MM#3333353 http://www.trista-campbell.com/home/gallery-2/robert-taggart/
Evette Cano
Monika Rodgers (Fitness/Fine Art)
Bridgitte MM#187285
Alyssa Hague
Jerrika MM#2524900
Sarah Luther (Fitness/Glamour/Fashion)
Amy Schreiber (Fitness/Fashion)
Christina Watson (IFBB Pro Fitness/Bikini Competitor)
thetristar MM#3333353
Miranda Bisonnette (Model)
Glenn Geary (Fitness)
Brandi Mcghee Inked Magazine http://www.inkedmag.com/girls/brandi-mcghee/
AliciaJames MM# 3528684
Alex Danelle MM# 3165378 Fine Art
Brittany Weyland (Fitness)
Fawn Levonne (Fitness) MM# 3121015
Lisa Marie Sanders (Physique Shoot) MM# 1350446
Ginger Redeker (Fitness/Boudior/Artistic)
Ariauna Brooks Glamour/Boudior/Equine MM# 3295262
Maddy Begonia Glamour
Guzel Sabitova MM#4010609
jlonsulian Fashion/Glamour MM4183540
Catherine Umana (Tampa Model)
Charlie Kristine (Glamour)
Madi (Glamour)


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