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About Me

i just spent a year traveling and shooting s. korea!!! if you havent been, you need to. i photographed some of the most beautiful, interesting people and taught photography to some pretty cool groups for the last year.

im highly skilled(meaning i don't prefer photoshop because i can shoot it right) and a bit of a perfectionist so nothing i do is ever good enough in my own eyes but i would love to work with you guys and girls who want to make some simple fresh photos.

my goal for 2013: engagement/wedding

now that im back in country i want to take my photography skills over to the wedding and engagement realm. so if you or someone you know is looking for great quality and dont want to spend thousands or if you just want to do a "couples" photo shoot. message me!

please visit my at:
to see more of my photos

seriously though... im ready to shoot.
what are you waiting for?

***to all you REAL photographers out there, thank you for investing the time and resources necessary in your skills to make truly great photos. i salute you.