About Me

I am an established photographer located out of Benton, AR. I enjoy fashion photography with an edge. I like to work with people that are not afraid to push the envelope and step outside the box. I am very interested in all types of photography and want to work with as many people as I can. I am open to TFP work if doing a shoot I want and one you want that will add to both our portfolios. Please contact me with any ideas that you have. Please contact me at kengehring@me.com. Thanks, Ken


Models I've worked with:
Tanner O - Mayhem #2672539
Chloe Patrom - Mayhem #2584111
Jessica Arnold
Krystal Munnerlyn
Madison Henderson - Mayhem #2595496
Mo Brady - Mayhem #2433819
JayLee P - Mayhem #2353518
HazelEyedMonster - Mayhem #2164741
Linzgirl - Mayhem #2369504
Kristina E H - Mayhem #2811969
Heathre Craft - Mayhem #1098661

Vogue Italia
http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue/Portf … cf55/Image
http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue/Portf … d4bc/Image
http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue/Portf … 70c4/Image
http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue/Portf … a6e1/Image
http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue/Portf … 6bf6/Image
http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue/Portf … 07c1/Image


Eloise Magazine
Volume 2 - Serendipity Editorial
Volume 5 - Cover
Volume 5 - Tres Tres Chic Editorial
Volume 5 - Failytale Editorial

Meuse Magazine
Summer Volume - Hungry Eyes Editorial

Aphotic Magazine
Issue 2 - Back Cover