Bob Lamoreaux - K. at the park
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About Me

I am an amateur without a studio, at present. I would prefer to call myself a fairly good picture-taker rather than a photographer. I have a rather "bent" sense of humor; for example, since I am "mature" in age and given my interests, I might describe myself as a "dirty old man". The fact is, I take my picture-taking seriously and any relationship that I develop with a model is purely professional. And I do believe that there has to be a connection between the model and the guy or gal behind the camera. I would really like to work with beginning models as well as experienced models. I think I have alot to teach a beginner and I always want to learn from one with experience. Generally, I prefer to pay rather than do TFs primarily because I have a full-time job and am sometimes delayed in processing photos (resizing, manipulating, etc.). However, I would expect to pay less to less experienced models than to those with experience. I'm not interested in shooting porn. I'd like to focus on the artistic (at least in my mind)as well as doing shots that are stimulatingly sensual rather than merely stimulating. I offer my portfolio here, noting that I will up-date it whenever possible (and linking to OMP models), so that models who might be interested in shooting with me can make their own determination of the quality and caliber of my work -- if any. I take pictures that please ME. (But am always open to suggestions on making better photos both technically and composition/subject wise.)