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About Me

Welcome! I am a full time professional photographer, and have been for over 15 years. My greatest passion is catching natural expressive moments. I love photographs that show the subjects true personality. I like it when models are 'being themselves',letting go, and playing in front of the camera. Having a fun and spontaneous session is what I like most. I am about things and people in motion. I am not so interested in images or posing that is static and overly controlled. I don't like making 'statues'. Usually my sessions yield over 400 images that are edited down from over 1,000. I like to keep things moving and have a blast while shooting. I do some TFCD sessions, and my regular model portfolio fees are reasonable. I like interesting things, such as funky clothing, and interesting outdoor locations, and beaches are great too. When not photographing, I am working on adding video and film skills to my capacity, and am working on some short videos that I wrote, filmed, and produced. I prefer to work and be outdoors whenever possible.