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Mervin Evans = Action-Corporate-Head shot-Fashion-Fine Art Photography & Investor Videos - DVD Authoring

Mr. Evans is a veteran of the 1/10th Air Cav, US Army. Mr. Evans maintains a home in the County of Los Angeles, CA. Mr. Evans is represented by the Lynette Bigelow Agency,(323) 309-6485.



We're told that shooting with Merv Evans is a much different experience than most headshot sessions. The shoot is private, personal, deliberate, not rushed, with attention to detail. Every actor is unique, with their own talents and approach, so each session is a unique collaboration. Merv's goals are to make you comfortable, so you feel free to express yourself and not hold back, and to capture the personalities you project in a professional photograph that stands out among the crowd. Pictures that will get you called in and working.

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu are outstanding locations to shoot very exciting photos. Merv enjoys working with everyone from the newcomer to the established personality, and takes pride in helping people to get representation and opportunities to work. Our clients consistently comment on our on-location shooting style, friendly support staff, and what a good time they had during their session. That positive energy shows in your final images. We take a lot of pictures, so he can catch you smiling, laughing, looking away, connecting with the camera. He gets to come in close, vary the compositions, change settings and backgrounds, shoot horizontals, pull back, shoot from above, put you off center. You can just hang out and relax, perform a monologue, or recite lines to be in character. Bring a mix of clothes so you have some wardrobe options, and your favorite music if you like. The plan is to have fun and capture a variety of spontaneous moments. We're happy to talk about your unique needs and objectives. When you schedule a session, we'll follow up with notes and a checklist to help you get ready for your session, from outward appearance to your internal preparation.

What is a Good Head shot?

COMMERCIAL HEAD SHOTS typically consist of a flattering image of the head or head & upper torso (called a 3/4 Shot) clearly displaying eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair in simple, direct lighting. This is the image that shows what “you” look like and is often, but not always, the more casual appearing headshot of the three. A successful COMMERCIAL head shot will not only show you relaxed and at your best, but will more importantly capture and convey your energy, your personality.

This head shot is the heart of your photo portfolio and is typically the type of photo that film and television casting directors, producers and agents want to see accompany your resume.

Video Production for Capital Seekers!

Mervin Evans Video is an independent production company specializing in Corporate - Fashion-Headshot Photography and “Corporate Video Production for Capital Seekers.” We provide our clients with a full and professional production experience. Whether you need an investment of $50,000 to $5,000,000 , Evans Video will get it done for you. A good corporate or investor video is where you don't get distracted by errors or poor quality and you are just in it. You understand and you listen to what was said, you remember it and you don’t forget it. With the advances in DVD technology and its "common place" use, your video production has a much broader application. Video is doing a great job for your website. It can show what you have, how it works, or educate in the use of a product or technique.

Evans Video in Los Angeles has been in business for more than 20 years.



Mervin Evans uses a Canon EOS Rebel T4i as his Primary Photography Camera while shooting head shot photos and a Samsung HMX-300BN for shooting investor videos. Canon's EOS Rebel T4i is a 18. Megapixel multi-role Digital Camera / Video Camera. The T4i has the Canon CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5 Image Processor, EOS Rebel T4i adds remarkable Full HD video capture at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.

Evans has 3 Canon Lens he uses: A.) 50MM B.) 18-55MM Lens C.) 18-135MM Lens

Samsung HMX 300 is used for Investor Video Work!

The Samsung HMX-300 Full HD Camcorder is all you need to capture those wonderful moments of life. Equipped with a 3.0-inch touch screen LCD display, you can shoot and review crystal clear HD videos and high-clarity images using the ultra-slim camcorder. The wide display also ensures convenient navigation through the menus. With the Smart Optical Image Stabilization, it delivers clear video every time. It is compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards which enables you to expand the camcorder's memory to enjoy non-stop recording. The 30x optical zoom camcorder lets you shoot distant action with precise clarity. Ultra compact in size, this touch screen camcorder features One-Touch upload button that enables you to share your images and videos with your friends and family through Facebook and YouTube. The long battery life lets you capture all those special family memories up to three hours on one battery charge

Investor Video Script

Introduction----Hello My Name is_____________________ YOUR NAME

I am the President of ________________________Company Name

Do not give anyone any money unless you are in direct contact with me after you have gotten a written agreement and all of your questions are answered !

My Phone Number is ________________________

There is a High Degree of Risk involved in investing in new companies. This investment is not Approved by any State Department of Corporations or Federal Agency including the Securities Exchange Commission. Do not Invest any Retirement Income or Life Savings! Consult with your CPA and Attorney Prior to making any Investment. This Company is not listed on any Stock Exchange. Investors not capable of a 100% Loss Should not Consider this Investment.

We are looking for $_________ AMOUNT OF FUNDING REQUEST We have an exciting company!

Our Vision / Mission Statement---In 200[xx], [Company] was [formed / created] to [describe the purpose of your activities]. Overall, our company can be characterized as a [x] (high-profile retail merchant, aggressive distributor or x, quality manufacturer of x--the business and image for your customers to see). Examples of purpose: produce or distribute [x], take advantage of [x], fill the void of [x] Include company vision and mission statements covering your line of products or services: What kind of company do you intend to be? What is your desired company image?

Background---For many years people have [x]. How people managed to do without [your product / service]. The "state of the art"/condition of the industry today is such that [x]. Explain your present situation in the industry vis-a-vis competition or technology, etc. How and where a similar product or service is now being used. Describe the [concept / opportunity / niche] in your marketplace to exploit as you build your business to the next level, etc. We have just started / completed the design / development / testing / introduction of (product / service) -- a novel and proprietary [x] (example: soap for cleaning vinyl, retail store, construction tool, etc.) The legal form of [Company] is [Sole Owner / General or Limited Partnership / Corporation / Subchapter S-Corporation], located in [list primary business address as well as satellite locations].
Near term and long term---Revenue projected for fiscal year 19[xx] without external funding is expected to be $[x]. Annual growth is projected to be [x]% per year through 19[xx]. We feel that within [x] years [Company] will be in a suitable position for [further expansion, an initial public offering or profitable acquisition]. Our objective, at this time, is to propel the company into a prominent market position.

Capital Requirements---According to the opportunities and requirements for [Company] described in this business plan, and based on what we feel are sound business assumptions, our [initial / first year / total] capital requirements are for $[x] by [date], 19[xx]. To accomplish this goal we have developed a comprehensive plan to intensify and accelerate our marketing and sales activities, product development, services expansion, engineering, distribution and customer service. To implement our plans we require a [loan / investment] totaling $[x] for the following purposes:

Management Team---Our management team consists of [x] men and women whose backgrounds consist of [x] years of marketing with [list company names], and [x] years of corporate development with [list company names]. Our management team also includes [x] men and women with [x] years of engineering and design with [company], a chief financial officer with [x] years of accounting, administrative, merger and acquisition, banking experience with [company]. Strong company backgrounds pertinent to your management team's functions are good references to demonstrate a solid background and assure a higher probability of future success. In-House Management

[x], President [x], Vice President of Marketing
[x], Vice President of Sales [x], Vice President of Finance
[x], Vice President of R&D [x], Vice President of Operations
[x], Controller

Outside Management Support [hourly / project basis]

[x], Accountant / CPA [x], Corporate Attorney [x], [Type of Consultant]

Thank You for Watching I look forward to getting with you soon

NAME - Position in Company

Phone Mailing Address

Mervin Evans Photography
PO BOX 71351
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