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About Me

In art and photography - what I like, what moves me, what I crave are far from what I photograph.

I shoot as a hobby only. I work a full time, non-photography job Monday through Friday so I schedule weekend shoots and female models only. In need of fashion, fetish, artistic nude, some slightly erotic, and portraits.

If you have an idea or a concept or a location unique to shoot at or have unique clothing or have your own MUA/Stylist and just need a photographer or just want to collaborate - email me.... let's talk!

A little background on me.....I've been doing photography since the later part of 2005. I started out in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Phoenix, Arizona in April of 2008. I'm experienced with posing new models, helping with make up, hair and even from time to time will attempt to create a clothing design just for the sake of a photo. Yah, okay...enough of that! You get the idea.

Some important bullet points:

*If I contact you for a shoot I'm offering TFP ONLY. I don't solicit paid models.

*I don't send out cd's of images- I prefer emails of finished retouched photos only.

*I don't give out RAW images that are untouched nor do I give out high res images. I will size them for you if you want prints- up to 11 x 14 in size.

*No, you cannot retouch my images, not before I do nor after I do and NO you are not allowed to remove my trademark from the photos.

*If you decide to use the photos on anything other than self-promoting sites, I suggest you (1) ask me BEFORE YOU DO and (2) send me the link. Too many sites think they own your image if you decide to post it to their server. Legally its not theirs to own, its mine, and permission needs to be sought.

Friend Requests from me.... If I've requested you as a 'friend" its because I really like your look and would love to work with you in the near future - if you're interested in the same, email or message me.

Friend Requests from others.... sure, I'll add you but if I plan on needing a model or MUA more than likely I'll just message you directly or I'll post a casting call. So basically, I rarely go back through my list of friends looking for a model.

"In life, there's the change that chooses you, and then there's the change that you choose."


03 Sep 10 19:13
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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