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Started as a photographer down in LA taking behind the scene pictures of actors on sets about 5 years ago. Began a photography production company in Sacramento and have been taking pictures ever since. Interested mostly in TFP/CD/DVD and helping models build their portfolios. Not in it for the fame, fortune, or as a career. Just a passion and a means of artistic expression. I enjoy developing ideas with others and finding new places to use as a back ground. I have plenty of references and I've done mostly fashion/lifestyle portfolios but now starting to branch out into period pieces, themed, and implied concepts. I'm easy to work with and really want to expand my portfolio with more professional layouts and collaborate with more creative people. I have a generic site with most of my start up work (see URL), but currently working on a second to represent the more professional work I've done, including the abstract, boudoir, and themed portfolios I'm currently working on.


12 Jun 11 11:44
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