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I'm a part time photographer based in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. I'm one of Fotosyntesis crew established on September last year in Bintulu.

I'm not profit taking photos but only for fun. Sometime assist my crew doing wedding photographer and function.

Interested in taking candid street, portrait & landscape pictures. Editing picture for me is one of the essential to produce good photo. The tone, concept, framing, quality and rare of picture should be priority to produce a fabulous pictures or photos ever.

As alpharian among others nikonian & canonian, always keep up to date and share the experience even though different gear used. Doesnt matter which gear you used anyway, but the concept still the same. The strength of taking good photo is how you use the gear - setting must be perfect, lighting must be appropriate.

Feel free to share your experience in taking great photo. As of learning process, sharing is caring. Here I can see a lot of talented photographer + model. That is fantastic.

Dear my fellow photographers and models,

Feel free to add me as I'm new in this website.

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just find this name - shafy yusoff fotosyntesis

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