About Me

Hello I'm Frank Morrison and I would like to tell you a bit about myself and a bit about my beliefs regarding this GREAT Business of modeling and photography: Photography is like the window into ones mind and imagination. It is the way we perceive the things we see. As a photographer we get to show others what we perceive and what we create. We capture ones interests, of beauty, sexuality and sensuality though our own interpitation. My Models are beautiful, sexy, and yet so different in so many beautiful ways. I am interested in capturing many different styles and poses. I talk with my models and I plan out what interests them. I don't want to have them just stand there and look into the camera. I want to have them look, smile, and invite the person viewing the images and actually get something out of it, through what my models and I have created. I specialize in a wide range of photographic categories, but I enjoy shooting Non-Nude implied photography. I do not shoot pornography. I do not believe in that type of photography. I have respect for my young ladies and I WOULD NEVER SUBJECT THEM TO FILTHY PORN. I have been a professional photographer for over 13 years and I still to this day enjoy what I do. I invite anyone on this site and outside this site contact me. I am always looking for models... Enjoy my site and I am looking forward to networking and interacting with you.