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NAmAste! I am very happy that You are reading these Lines right now!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”(Albert Einstein)

This is where I am going: BEYOND IMAGINATION! I am creArting to nurish Peoples Perspective, open their Perception and broaden their Horizon! I am working with the BEST of the BEST! And it’s not about status, money, age or names – it’s about People. It’s about People and who they really are, what they feel, contain and imagine. It’s about WHAT and HOW they see and their Perception! It’s all about PERSPECTIVE! Working with creative People who think Outside the Box and create fantastic Art by following their own Visions and just being themselves, is what I appreciate and focusing on! ”Every Picture/Scene is a Piece of Art – Unique! – like You are.”

This is where I am coming from: My name is Angelika Maria Fürstler and I was born in Austria on April, 28th, 1987. With Austria I associate a just amazing Place and I really feel blessed growing up there! My deep Routes allow me to fly though and so I actually see myself as a Child of this Planet! No matter where I am living or travelling to – I always feel at Home – just because it’s all about how you feel Inside!

As you might assume after landing on my Page I am working as a model/actress…. In fact “I AM” is the most important part because Everything Else is Limiting…. Anyways, the best way to describe me : I AM a CreARTress!!! (from my own Photo Productions, to self created Dance and acting Performances, Improv, or special and amazing Food Creations) – I am on that Planet to create!!! and not just anything…. I am here to CREate ART!

If I have a certain Idea, a concept is following and so does the Creation and Realization of the Idea – the Production. Within the last Years I have organized various Shoots by myself in order to satisfy my Need to create and realize my Visions… One of the best Examples is the Whale Shark Shoot I had in the middle of the Ocean in Mexico. Or the Photo you can see on the Couch. (Here I am demonstrating e.g. Furniture Producers how their Commercials could look like..etc.)

So what this basically means is, that if You decide work with me You can be sure to get more than just my body for your production. What You will get with me is the All-Inclusive-Package: Body, Voice, Head, Heart, Energy & Spirit and this a 100%. Whether it’s a Photo Shoot or Film Production, a Song and Dance Performance or a Commercial Production (Idea, Realization, etc.) I am really professional. I JUST LOVE WHAT I DO AND I DO WHAT I LOVE!

Slipping into various Roles is about Empathy, Emotions and about living and being in that particular Moment. And not to forget, it is entertaining and simply a lot of Fun! I can be a high fashion model, a lady, a steampunk, a desperate soul, a sports girl, an alien, a monkey (oh yeah, believe me ). I can be working in or outdoors, underwater next to a whaleshark (I want to do more underwater shoots btw.) or flying in the air, in a cave or on a tree… and I’ll still be free and enjoy:-)

Please note too that whenever I can support and facilitate certain Ideas/Projects that are for a good Purpose (like Humanitarian Projects, etc. ) I do whatever is in my power to provide support! In that Area paid jobs are OUT OF QUESTION for me!!! So do not even try to pay me

Okay, so…. whatever yYou might be planning…. if it’s a Shoot, Movie Production, Commercials/Advertisements, Events, Projects or what so ever …. consider me being a Part of it! It is the Right Decision! Get in Touch with me either via the Contact Form on this Website or write me an Email to contact@angelikafurstler.com. Comments & Guestbook Entries are always welcome and appreciated!

I am looking forward to hearing from You!


Angelika Maria


Check my website www.angelikafurstler.com


27 Sep 11 03:57
Love your pic...see me at http://www.becomeactress.com/
11 Oct 10 12:52
Welcome to iStudio. Interesting port.
10 Oct 10 14:49
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome. Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching
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