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Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:Olive
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About Me

What I'm interested in and have worked with:


(Done this quite a lot)Dark, sexy, gore. bdsm, gothic, leather and so on.

Fetish/bondage/(to a certain level)

Boudoir (To a certain level)

Dark Glamour.

Underwear glamour

I will work up to Sheer implied nude

I have clicked Erotica and fetish. Please don't assume I do naked as both of these can be done with clothes ON. Example:

Erotic - relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement this can be done in clothes. I have excited many men in a red dress and in a catsuit.

Fetish - a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, So I could be bounded in duct tape and it be classed as fetish.

Sheer Implied nude top half. but didn't have the option. And I will only do this with photographers I feel comfortable with. And I do not mean full nude I know what implied nude entails I'm sure you do also. So far those photographers are Denny Wong and Rlux. I do not shoot this on a tfp, sorry.

Happy to work with nipple tassels! I make these hence my excitement.

I do not shoot full nude, full topless or explicit material or porn! No exceptions! I wholly respect those that do but it is my choice not to offer such levels.

I'm 28 years old and have been modelling on and off for 10 years, I work for pay and TFP. I can travel around Bristol and when its a bit warmer out of Bristol. If out of Bristol I do ask for travel costs I use public transport but also have a friend who takes me to places. He doesnt come into the shoot he will go off and do his thing..

I'm 5'6 I weigh last time I checked 9.6lb's. I wear size 12 clothes but get big headed when I can fit into a size 10 I do have an hour glass figure. I have natural 34 C boobs. I'm a bad shade of white due to lack of sun and I have a V shape fringe and hair is black (I have put a recent photo of what I look like up.) My shoe size is a 5 though I have size 4 too (sssh) I have had two children so my stomach isn't as flat and smooth as many models on here. I do have stretch-marks and a bit of a front belly.. (Currently toning)

I have two snakebites (piercings on each side of my lips) however I only have one stud in. I can take them out. I have a microdermal on my right cheek that I cant take out. I also have tattoos one large one on my right arm of a zombie mermaid. And a few smaller ones on other arm. I also have a butterfly on my chest plate.

I have a modelling account with UltraVixens, Bizarre and Nuts and a few fb pages also have me in their albums including October Divine.

Twitter @Raven_Nyx

Instagram @Raven__Nyx

I would like published work aka magazine,online website,calender etc

My rates can be discussed privately. I do have a one off payment to be required instead of hourly. Its cheap also.

Happy to hear others idea's.

I do do TFP but Time for print is limited which forces me to be selective in the jobs I can take on.

I do my own make up and hair.



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