About Me

I am a former TV presenter and model from Russia now living and working in Australia. I did a few fashion shows in Moscow in 2005, then completed a course with ICE Models in Sydney doing two small fashion shows with them in 2008. Worked as a promotional model for Results Media promoting the Creative Kid’s Beds company at the Street Machine Nationals 2009. Completed a two day modeling course with Victoria’s models in November 2009.

I was selected by the print media in Russia in 2005 as my city’s representative for a national photo shoot competition and was rated as one of the top five sexiest female film and television personalities in Russia. In addition to being in front of the camera on the entertainment program back in Russia I was also heavily involved in producing the show as well and sought out exciting events to cover and promote.

I have also done some photo modeling here in Canberra, with MoorePhotography in Oct ’07 and with Graphicaone in December 2009.

I have been involved in several small films since moving to Australia and enjoy acting as well as modelling immensely.

I completed an intensive modelling course with Victoria's Models in November 2009.


I have been involved in the following: Results Media Promotional Model for Creative Kids Beds at Street Machine Nationals 2009.Results Media promotional Model for the Commonwealth of Australia Bank at the Australia Day Concert 2010.I modelled for a local Canberra photographer, Michael Moore in November 2007. Modelled for Graphicaone in December 2009. Cassie Davis music video (2008).International Music Video (2008)Short Film MPO - (release 2011)Feature Fim - "Sweet Marshall" (2009)