About Me


Who I am

I was born on a beautiful spring morning in May, in Palo Alto, California. I live in Hayward, California and I, go to school for HTML (web design). I live with two beautiful and smart children, Ma’koah Black Five years old and Ma’kyah Black Three years old. Also I live with my sweet Blue nose pit-bull Diamond Jewels.

My Outlook On The future

The year 2011 is the new beginning of all positive business opportunities, and lucrative financial gain. I see myself in major magazines, videos, owning mutable businesses an launching my own clothing line. I would like to design my own signature shoe collection, and fragrances. I plan to start a non-profit full facility community boys and girls club, and also musical arts school for low income families. I plan to act in movies script write, and own my own record label. I see myself having many options in the industry, and in high demand. The year 2011 is an invitation to my successes and new to come ventures in my life.

My successes

I have been in many videos in the bay area, (Rankin Scroo, Dollar Sign Gang, Mista Talent, Mr. Keys.) and more. I have also done plenty hooks for bay area local talent, writing songs for other artist being sold in the stores, as ring tones online. My song called
“KWIN KEEPS IT REAL” played on 98.3 and 97.7 as there morning show theme, this song was played for Two to Three months. I have hosted and coordinated parties some were informal or formal events. Some of my other achievements are I had an exotic entertainment business named Exsporodic Entertainment, and a 128 page website to match called “PussyTreasure.com” with pictures, videos, ads, novelties, and live video stream. There was an article wrote up on me in the Oakland Post news paper as new an up coming artist on Oakland channel 26 dance and music show. I designed T-shirts custom for models, reggae artist, and dancers. I worked on the set of a movie, doing make-up, hair; I assisted the director, and film crew. I am constantly building my portfolio working with some great photographers pursuing to be in male magazines. I am very versatile, driven, creative, relentless, and open to new opportunities within reason so I see myself doing a lot more things.

References available upon your request


14 Nov 10 05:47
Welcome.. Enjoy your start here!!!
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