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*Please note-I will not give discounts when doing a paid gig. I'm a PROFESSIONAL and makeup artists that give discounts make clients think that all MUA's should give discounts. These MUA's ruin this for PROFESSIONALS. This is my job. I have bills just like eveyone else. I did not spend thousands of dollars on my kit to give client discounts. With that said, I'm not being rude, I'm being realistic.*

I have always thought that the face was just like a bare canvas. Just like an artist who applies paint on canvas, a makeup artist applies foundation to the face. My philosophy is when doing this I always keep this canvas as simple as possible. This does not mean lifeless makeup but instead I like to enhance ones best features but also keep it real at the same time. Every makeup artist has their own style and my signature style is flawless skin. I’ve always dreaded masking ones true identity under layers of foundation. Makeup artistry is not only color and placement, it is an illusion. It is the talent of camouflaging flaws and revealing true and natural beauty. Makeup is not putting on a mask-it is an enhancement and should be treated as such.

My portfolio is in serious need of an update as its been a while since I've been able to work but I'm ready now. I have tons of ideas that need to be brought to life. And travel for shoots is ALWAYS an option for me.

I am a professional and treat every booking with high precedence - meaning I DON'T flake out. Whether it be a 2 or a 20 hour day, I'm giving it 110%.



07 Jul 13 05:26
I don;t those who project an arrogant attitude in their bio, yet their portfolio id crap. This another example. I like the art to speak for itself,.
04 Jul 13 05:41
Striking beauty
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