About Me

Hi friends,

I'm Ha (full name: Thai Minh Hoang Ha - you can call me JJ if you have trouble pronouncing my Vietnamese name). I live in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Photography is not my main job, but it's my biggggg hobby. I'd like to make connection with everybody who has the same love for photography, that's the reason I am here.

I shoot various styles of photography, but what impress me the most are fashion and beauty. I use both natural and flash (strobist) lighting technique. I prefer to shoot outdoor, because I excel at controlling lights.

I'd love to help models build their portfolio (yes I do TF* most of the time because my main job is not about photography, but I do care for the quality of my photos) :-)

I'm very friendly and easy to work with, if you travel to Hanoi, feel free to contact me.

Sorry if I made some mistakes in english :-P

See you in Hanoi !


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16 Nov 10 10:25
Welcome to iStudio! :@) Pietro
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