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From the age of 16, (32 years, now) , the sheer love for being the person behind the camera has never left me. I enjoy well-crafted images. Ones which relay common truths about our lives as humans. Our hopes and feelings--our raw emotions--someone's inner-self being caught in the blink of an eye. That's what fuels my passion! Lately I've been concentrating on the passionate and erotic beauty of the woman. It's a mystery, to be sure. For now, some of the work I do is Trade for My time and Your modeling skills... I'll provide you with an un-edited version of the shoot, and sometimes I'll require a model release. I'm not that "anal " about authorization and all that. I want you to enjoy and share your images with your friends. I prefer Naturalness. You are who you are and most models know that... In my eyes everyone is unique. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone has a depth of grace and kindness, an inner- beauty and a demand to be noticed.
I have opened up a small, but fully-equipped modeling studio at the Millworks facility off of Leonard Ave and Fifth. My prices will be affordable and pretty flexible. FOR NOW- I CAN ONLY PHOTOGRAPH THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY... because of my regular salaried schedule. But can make an exception for a goddess...
AND, after writing to models here in the Columbus Metro area for a few months, I've come across a few girls who only want compensation for their "work", usually meaning they'll take off their clothes for ME, for a price ...Not my style. I'd rather discuss creative work. Models and photographers usually don't make money off of each other. I do make money photographing, though, like catering to paying business clientele, who need everything from professional head-shots, to product work for catalogs . Sometimes they'll need a model in their shoots... Models usually build up their portfolios, produce E- Compcards and profiles, and send them to Model reps, and Talent Agencies, who in turn find them paying work, making a commission from every event you appear in, or every time you are the model exhibiting their paying businesses' products or services. The photographer is almost never the source of a model's income. A photographer rarely makes a profit off a model they really want to add to their portfolio. So, please let's work together to take another step for both of us...


Cynthia Blaze MM# 535368 You got it babe Stacee Jai MM# 1707907 Shoot me now! Wanna do it again... Iceg0dess MM# 412692 Sexy erotic. Thanks for the pregnancy shots Jessica Jane MM# 812169 Thanks for being beautiful and patient. Ashlee L MM# 1155258 Nice fresh look. It was a hot Summer day. Calli Stone MM # 1755602 Always sensual, you drive my life, sexy wife. Sabrina Hayes MM# 12865 ..I fell in love in 5 minutes. Don't tell anyone. Kennedi Kay MM# 196510 Beautiful woman, warm personality...Hot biker! MiSa, Asia MM# 872044 Hard-working model, making dreams come true for her friends. Love your work! Keep on drivin' and wanna do more for you! Kylie K MM# 1639236 Tall, Cool One, Lovely ,spontaneous smile. You can melt a man's heart, so be careful... Corinthian MM# 1826766 Very sensual woman .Thanks for the shoots. Rest in Peace, Corinthian...We All Loved You 10/6/2010....... Alexia Hopefully you will be MM soon, you've got what it takes... Cortney Maylee MM# 1702122 Retro Girl Outtayourmind Sexy... Period. Latasha Denise MM# 1737957 Tall, Ebony Beauty. Wonderful work... Kellie Gardner MM# 1885204 Dammit, girl, you've got a photographic presence I've never seen before. Great Images, always...Thank You. Josie Caglianone MM # 1846474 Blonde Italians will drive you wild.. MartiniVV MM# 1886348 Beautiful model from Minsk, very professional. Angelindisguys # 1884593 I believe there is as much beauty coming from the inside, as is evident on the surface. I'll always be there for you.


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Excellent work
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