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Too complicated? Confusing? Don’t worry! When it comes to time management, the most essential of these three is the vision. Imagine being the sailor of a sailing boat, and that you are sailing out on the Seas. The vision is your destination harbor. Without the vision, you can sail with style in nice clothes and in a luxurious sailing boat (=the values), but you are still lost.

Next, we will focus on creating a clear vision. When you have defined your vision, sooner or later you should be able to notice that it becomes easier for you to make “strategic” decisions, in other words decisions affecting your main goals in life.

After having reflected on your vision you might also come to the conclusion that your job isn’t right for you. Your current job might not take you where you really would like to head for. Is there anything you could possibly change in your life? It doesn’t necessarily have to be about dramatic changes.

When you are doing things that lead you towards your real goals in life, it is much easier for you to stay motivated all along the way. Your time management and your efficiency will improve by themselves. I would recommend you to draw up your own vision. I also encourage you to take a look at your values, even though they will shine through in your vision unconsciously