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About Me

I see each photograph like a scene from a movie, centered around the model’s life, which is why I go by the name of CineDios, a still image god that can illustrate a movie through a single photograph. When I capture an image it is more than a snapshot, I become a part of my subject’s universe and the photograph represents the microcosmic scene in the macrocosmic movie. I believe that everyone has a story to share, and I like to capture the essence of people I would encounter on a daily basis. Based on a true story, is an understatement, in my images there is no acting, but rather being. Although I like my subjects to get into character, I like to capture the emotions and parts of self, that they suppress, not the façade they face the world with on a regular basis. For several years I followed the life of LA based graff artist AiseBorn. documenting his journey through the art world. I have recently put that project on hold in hopes of following more self- satisfying projects. I am intrigued by women’s natural beauty, and would like to gear my focus to photographing the female figure. I am looking for women whom I can start a long lasting photographer/model relationship strictly professional, but consistent over time. One time models are also welcome, but I am more interested in revealing the lives’ of my subjects as opposed to their one time mannequin looks. People are complex changing characters, and models should serve as an example of reality....Come Alive.

Young ,focused ,and dedicated to my's my meditative and zen practice to allow the lens to aim my minds eyes and calm the hearts storm.....

"Already won the game made it through the maze life is just me reflecting on how it was done so I have to keep distractions and those who sidetrack to a minimum steadily looking forward but all I see in front of me is a hall of mirrors gotta ask ourselves what is it that's truly steering us some mirrors shatter some pools of water shallow here and deep there but its easier to tell when the waters clearer"-CineDios

My biggest influences are Estevan Oriol as Photographer and creative mind and Jennifer Mangana as a Model and creative mind on the rise and AiseBorn as a creative mind and imagist/artist

Will be Traveling Between the Bay Area and Los Angeles
follow me on twitter @CineDios_1
Cell:310 525 7743



Inglewood Rotary Club Grant Recipient 2010

California Art Scholar/ Full Scholarship 2009

MOCA Teen Night 3rd place award recipient 2008


Teen Night MOCA 2010

Teen Night MOCA March 27, 2009

Inglewood District Art Show May 2009

Cal Arts 2009


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