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About Me

I've been a full time photographer 2 years now. I started out in Bangkok doing mostly landscape, city-scene, and architecture shots encompassing a lot of photographic artwork and editing techniques. I eventually worked my way up to doing portraits, event shooting, and a bit of product work. Headed back to the states for a spell and shot a few models in San Diego and Los Angeles, and did a lot more landscape work. Then turned around and made my way back to Bangkok, where I am currently located.

Lately, most of my work has been shooting events, such as parties and school functions, but I'm also available for portrait, product, and real estate photography. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let my pictures speak for me. I hope the images you've seen here, and on my site (, help to set a precedent, a precursor if you will, for any expectations you may have about the type of images I can help you achieve as your photographer.

Are you a model looking for experience? If so, I'm always interested in shooting with up and coming models (male or female) who are building their portfolio. So if you are a model, and in Bangkok Metropolitan, and would be interested in spending some time on an outdoor shoot or otherwise, please contact me at 081-702-1019.
I will not charge for my time and you'll receive a few processed photos for yours. Your only investment is your time and courage. Bring additional clothing and someone to help with your hair and makeup (if you have them) and be prepared to sign a model release.

Anthony "Tony" Allen