About Me

I was not born to be an artist. But that did not stop me from pursuing something which I have never imagine to augment the word "PASSION" in my life. Photography is what I am referring to and that gives me the time and space to express my inner self in creating, working, capturing and the desire to have a fulfillment perhaps in my lifetime.

I love working with people for all of us are not born the same. There will be a "uniqueness" in every person. I hope to bring out the beauty element of the person in every session that I shoot. Looking forward to hone my skill, improve my work and expanding my creativity thru you. Models, MUA and photographers are most welcome to contact me. Let's expand "our' horizon.



23 Aug 15 17:03
Gorgeous work!
15 May 12 12:25
Olivier, Many thanks for coming by to look at my profile......:-)
15 May 12 12:24
Ruslan....you are most welcome......I got to thank for the FR
15 May 12 11:37
nice work! lovely models.
13 May 12 13:29
Thanks for the add. Ruslan.
10 May 12 17:18
Welcome to iStudio. Nice work.
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