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About Me

The use of the body in art is an extremely personal experience for all those involved, from the artist to the viewer; good art will always have an affect on some level. Any use of the body in art only reinforces the notion of a personal experience, for in doing so the artist and the viewer are bound immediately by a connection based primarily on the feelings of relation. Feelings based above all, on the idea that we, as human beings, all share relatively the same body. There is nothing more beautiful or more intimate than using the body in art, the sheer elegance and the sense of belonging brought about by its use can neither be duplicated nor replaced. All works of art that incorporate the body evoke a feeling of personal intimacy and connection within all who are involved, this alone helps transcend the monotony and controversy of its use.

With so many different types of photography and twice as many would be photographers I have tried to express myself through a style that is looked down by many women. I try to see the true beauty of everyone of my subjects, their lines, curves, skin tones, and the unspoken words portrayed by the body. Art is made because of facial expression, pose, eye contact, and true feeling that comes from the heart of each and every one of my models. All art is an attempt by its creator to express a concept or idea to an audience. Great art is usually more subtle and requires a certain sophistication from both the photographer and the audience. We must begin to overlook the standards of beauty by societal standards. Perfection does not exist, but beauty does. It’s everywhere.

My photography and visual arts highlight the triangle and dynamics of human relationships: connections with oneself, with others, and with the environment. My art expresses my search for meaning in these moments and attempts to communicate messages and values to a target audience. My photography is my key to life’s secret garden, my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass. I value the expression of transformational principles that inspire, heal, and challenge my viewers to live and love meaningfully.

For me, the process of creative expression began in 2006 with traditional black and with film images. Now, with the practical application of digital image technology, I have entered the next stage in my creative image evolution. The works of art that I present represent various steps along my creative path. These expressive images were created for the pure joy of accomplishment and enlightenment. Without imagination I am nothing but a hollow shell. It is divine inspiration that affords me creative insight and a glimpse into the magnificent and mysterious treasures provided by the world. The friction of inspiration against imagination creates the spark of unique visions.