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About Me

Hi.. I am Markus...what can I say about me, I try to be creative in every photoshoot and also I like to do bodypainting . Thanks for visiting!!!
I like to go somewhere with a creative person and find unexpected and impulsive beauty in that place and person. I don't care what someone is wearing, if they have makeup on, or if they are sitting in a dumpster, there is beauty to be captured and thoughts to be provoked. Such is my passion, and this is simply one medium by which to achieve that goal. I'm definitely fun to work with and shooting with me will probably be some sort of adventure. I especially enjoy shooting with people in nature.

Here looking to improve my skills and expand my portfolio with location and studio shoots. Always interested in trying new styles and ideas (which are never in shortage). If you want to be a part of my madness or if you think you can help - lets talk. (I do TFCD when I like the ideas)
Photographer interested in model portfolio development and wildlife photography. I enjoy working with established and beginning models to help develop and/or update their portfolios on a TFCD basis.