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I’m a 19-year-old girl, from Chicago, Illinois. I’m somewhat new to modeling for photographers, but I am NOT new to photography and photo editing. I own my own photography business, named Fin Aqua Photography. I taught myself photoshop 5 years ago, and been doing it ever since. I only use Adobe.

Before I ever started modeling for people, I would model for myself. I took my own photos, and edited them. But, now I’m stating to get more serious about modeling. To be honest, I will now only shoot with photographers that use a REAL editing program. Picnik, Pixlr, and Photobucket, are not real! I have received photos back from photographers, and the editing is horrible. I will not put those photos up, or make another shoot with that person again. Editing to me, is extremely important, and it must be done correctly. I understand that as the photographer, you are suppose to know how to use the camera, and not rely on the editing. But, when you can see the pixels where the pixels are not suppose to be, because you’re to lazy to decrease the brush size, that’s just . . . sad.

I do almost anything the photographer says to do. But, I’m getting sick of people focusing on my tattoos. There’s more to me than the ink on my body. Even though it does mean a lot to me, and it does have a story, I’m there to model. I’m not doing skateboard shoots any more. I’ve done so much of those, and it’s time to move on now, and do something else.

My dream is to be a very well known model. To walk, as well as take the photos. My dream is to model for Chanel. I want, can, and will, do anything from high fashion, to just simple posing. Anything to get me to the top.

If you would like to shoot with me, please email me. I do not want to seem like a bitch, I actually am a very sweet person. But, I do have to put out there who I am.


07 Sep 11 18:18
Hey, keep it up with the modeling. Red heads can make really nice images. Just keep modeling and doing good.
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