About Me

Photography has always been my passion and a great way to relieve stress. It should be a fun and understanding process between two parties in order to create the best pictures and magical moment.

I started taking pictures during the old days of film and with a point and shoot camera, taking landscapes, animals, insects and anything which marvels my great fascination of photography. Until recently I ventured into portrait and glamour photography and have since fallen in love with the fascination of how beautiful a female figure looks like. Now in the digital age, although my Photoshop skills still need work I'm working hard on it to create wonderful pictures, mainly in the portrait as well as glamour and concerning the female form.

I believe strongly that all the models I work with should find the moment and experience completely comfortable and fun on a shoot.


06 Dec 10 02:28
thank you for adding adik.....hope adik can be in 1 of your photos some day...thanks
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