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We always need an about me right? Well I am a young guy actually, 21 years of age. I am success driven gentleman, I crave success, I desire big things, and I want my own island. I like nice suits, nice cars, and nice toys, but respect anything and everything in life. I love to read books (part time nerd), and play in photoshop (full time nerd). Anyways, a little about my photography right? I started in October 06 I think... Means I been taking photos for a little over 2 years! I started with shooting people, and nothing else, and guess what I still shoot? People! I will have spreads and tears in fashion mags such as vogue, bazaar, W, etc... etc... My dream is to shoot advertisements for big time rock star companies like Giorgio Armani, Dior, Chanel, shit, even Express, Armani Exchange, or GAP! Lol :D, I love ads, ads in mags, ads on billboards, they are just so sexy =] I love shooting fashion, maxim, and men (what is this considered)? I love shooting groups as well, 2+ people. I love shooting, sometimes if I don't have someone to shoot, I almost consider product shooting, haha. For the photographers out there who have questions, I started photography out of no where, no schooling, no mentor, just started it because I couldn't figure out video! Haha! I had no background at all on photography! I just read a lot of books though, started with cheap lights, and now I have 3 Hensel Porty Kits. I shoot only Hensel, and wish I had profoto, lol. I started with a 20D, then bought a 5D, than got a 1ds Mark II (hated it), sold it and went back to my 5D. I do use photoshop, but try not to resort to it, I always use it for skin touching up though, I feel it is just a must now to make girls/guys skin look glamorous and perfect =]. Any other questions, please leave it in a comment! If you are inquiring about TFP/CD, I really do not do those often unless it is seriously beneficial! Anyways! If you wanna shoot, you know where you can find me! Check out this BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO! of the Spaceship House Photoshoot! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3atiDCH3IQ Thanks to everyone who has left tags, comments, and friend requests! I really apprciate all the support everyone has shown! NOTE: The only TFP/CD I am offering are through casting calls. Please see link/s below. If you are looking for TFP/CD and I did not reply to your message, it means you are not what we are looking for right now, I apoligize in advance. More? Stay up to date with my latest projects at www.andrewfashion.com Or you can check out www.myspace.com/andrewfashion Booking & Rates Don't be afraid to message me! You'll find I am a very nice and approachable person! Our rates are extremely reasonable for the quality images and fun time you will receive! Call 888.289.5539 for booking! Enjoy. Some of my works =] Check my website for now! Coming soon... Maybe like today?


To many to count!


26 Aug 12 22:01
Hi Andrew Fashion, How are you? I had came across your page and would love to collaborate with you for the my next flying project!
10 Aug 12 09:46
Howdy, Andrew Fashion!
03 May 12 15:09
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