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About Me

..After years of thinking, "should i create a model mayhem account?" came to existence, I stumbled many obstacles. Let us say work time, finance affect me abruptly, making me feeble into my own words and actions.

.....I came to mind to try some edits in Adobe Photoshop, about 3 years ago. First, I find it hard, yet Reading would be an outstanding tool, for a person to understand well, and So I did that. To pave way, to my chosen artistic getaway, i have conveyed several points in choosing a field sought to fit in my own self.

One point is that, I am never good at drawing. I despised my own drawing. I ridiculed it. I can't draw straight lines nor I am uncomfortable to used a script handwritted nor a eligible bold hand stroked. Nor my plates(Prac.Arts) back at high school, I ask favor to my classmates, to make me one.
So what will I do?
I have been fascinated with photos, since I am amazed with commercial photographs, their common/unusual concepts brought me to light for photography. I am still Amateur though, But I will try to learn it.