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My images speak louder than any blah blah blah I could write here. Just go look Go to my photos The rest of this is for entertainment value.  

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I will not partake in any discussions about who is the best photographer of "whatever" style. But please vote for me as best photographer!  

My Shooting Parameters

No nudity! Under no circumstances will I get nude, no matter how much persuasion is used - ever! I'm professional, and I hope you respect me enough not to send me TFP requests for nude photos.
Escorts are welcome to drop off model, have a spot of tea and crumpets, leave, and come back after shooting is done!
Gas money Really now would you ask Johnny Depp for gas money?
Payment. I will not pay you, unless someone is paying me.
Cell phone must be off. I know it's become a vital appendage but I promise you won't die with it off for a few hours.
Release required and photo ID. If you are lying about your age you will have to suck it up.
Pushing the barriers of what is possible to what is impossible thereby creating THE image a must.
Ability to catch train also a must, (an inside joke.)
GPS equipped a MAJOR plus.
Dating. This is not a dating site! Do not ask me out to dinner unless you're buying.  

Absolutely no rescheduling on short notice without a notarized note from your Doctor (Drug Dealer acceptable), Bar Tender, Mechanic, Veterinarian, or Police! Pull a no-show and I will pull out my VOODOO DOLL, doll.  

If you contact me send me as much details as possible including:
Full Legal Name
Bank Routing Information
Favorite Teacher in High School
Maiden name if any
Last Three Addresses
Medications on

If you actually read all this acerbic sarcastic stuff, laughed, dig my style and still like to shoot..... you rawk! 0
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I'll delete your tag if it is advertising or lame.

Travel Plans:

Tampa August 4-8 2010  


Looks like Canadians and Germans are fighting it out for 2nd place.


FICO rating of 810.