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Hey! Thanks for looking! My name's Michael. i've been a photographer off and on for a couple decades and was lucky enough to catch the fever again this year. It seems I see things different this time. I had problems with composition and light when I was younger and now I get it. And I am PASSIONATE about it now. I am a musician/poet/artist so I am eccentric, and hopefully my photos will show that. I want to make you look not only spectacular, but different than anyone else ever has. Provocative. Jaw dropping. A little shocking even. Not intereted in Senior pictures, pornographic/erotisism, anything too mainstream. Not a catalogue shooter!
I am interested in doing provocative, original work that builds on the models personality, character. I will shoot any photo anywhere, anytime if its provocative and interesting. I love doing strobist, edgy glamour, nudes/semi nudes,themes, and anything else you can think of. Im not a dick. I am a BLAST to hang out with. I am an adventurer and will shoot any place you have the balls to go. Oh, and I have a gf and not trying to get into your pants. I want good photos that stand out. My favorite photographer at the moment is Bert Stephani. If this description offends you, then Im not your photographer, but thanks for looking