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About Me

i'm indonesian and have been living abroad for a couple of years... just over a year in london and another year in buenos aires... and i love it, in fact i find it quite dificult to stay in one place too long... where next?

- i love to trave, but i think i love it even more to live in different places to experience the unique culture of the place and feel like slowly being a little bit more like part of it... and at the same time a little bit out

- i'm a psychologist not really sure is that is something that makes me happy

- i want to be a mommy soon!

- i try each day to see the beauty in simple things and find calm and happiness in that

- i'm very insecure in every aspect and that bothers me so much... i'm also sooo intense!

- i find it hard ot finish or to keep doing what i begin... i'm always hoping from one to another... the thing is, there are so many interesting things to see or to do that i feel like i'm wasting time

- i'm very selfdemanding... i want to do everything beautifull and right... now!

- i want to have a cat again... sorry it has to be a she-cat!

- i love fabric in different colors and textures... a family deformation i guess

- i have lots of brothers and sisters of all kinds, blood related, stepbrothers, half-brothers, adopted... you name it!

- i'm really moody, bad tempred... especially whenever i get frustrated and angry at myself... por ric...he's the one who gets it all :(