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About Me

I am a travelling photographer with my home office in Polk County. I am primarily a nature photographer and enjoy nothing more than a good shoot outdoors. I dislike man made structures in film, for I have been in the city far too long and know that nature is so much more interesting than any other environment to shoot in. However, in some situations I have been known to give into a whim and even had a pleasant time with a shoot at a reclaimed shed in the forest. The sight of ivy crawling up the half-hinged door and the green fungus growing on the floor of the shed were too captivating and I had to give in. I have only recently started working with people as subjects, and am interested in getting into the world of natural model photography. I am currently shooting with a Nikon D5100 that I got for myself just last week and am looking forward to sharing my upcoming experiences. I have joined Model Mayhem to learn how to further my craft and to find like-minded individuals in love with the unseen world around us waiting to be captured.