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About Me

I’m an experienced photographer that has had a life-long love and fascination with photography. I’m also a highly creative person with a strong sense of the aesthetic. I like the challenge of capturing the natural beauty and elegance that exists in any subject, and photographing women offers this challenge. I prefer to shoot swimwear, boudoir, lingerie, fine art nudes and erotica, on location, and with natural light.

I generally shoot with a project in mind, however, I am quick to change direction if things begin to flow somewhere else. I like the photographer-model collaborative process, and believe it is essential to creating new art.

I will do some TFP. I prefer to pay a set amount for a half-day or all-day "project-type" shoot. I like to precede this with a short test shoot. Payment offered is based upon a number of variables. I retain all rights with paid shoots.

THE BEGINNING MODEL IS ENCOURAGED TO CONTACT ME. I’m easy to work with, and give direction well.

On-set escorts or assistants:
TFP/CD: Escorts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
PAID SHOOTS: Creating new art requires the uninterrupted flow of creative energies between the professionally minded model and photographer. This cannot happen with third party non-professionals on set. Safety is always a concern for both parties, and a number of strategies will be considered in order to reach a position of trust and understanding prior to the shoot - so that the safety of all is assured.