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Hello there!

I am Scott Evans and I am a Houston based professional photographer. I am one of those who does this full time. That does not mean that I will not do TFP/CD. I WILL DO TFP/CD but not all the time and not for everyone.

I do not have many "rules" to speak of. I do ask that you respect my time and I will respond in kind. I am referring to the last minuet cancellations that seem to happen a lot on these kinds of sites. I do understand that things happen, I get it. All I ask is that you make sure you can shoot on that date we agree on and at that time is all.

As for that I like to shoot. That is easy, everything! But seriously, see below for what I like to do:

Implied nudes
Beauty shots
Feminine shots

I know what I do well and what I do not do well. Please feel free to email or call. I am happy to listen to all ideas.

Best wishes,

Scott Evans



BIG TIME THING FOR ME: I know one thing about me to be true. I in no way like engaging in or being a part of any sort of "he said, she said" gossip. If you feel a need to talk poorly about someone please choose someone else. I know this may sound somewhat harsh, and maybe it is. All I know is that I do not respond to this kind of silly stuff. I am 100% professional and will treat you in the same way. I NEVER ask you to go beyond your own modeling comfort zone or limits. I am easy to work with. Talk fast and a lot! LOL but I really enjoy what I do! Scott


15 Apr 14 00:59
Amazing port!
21 Dec 10 14:55
Thanks for the compliments Scott, great port!
18 Dec 10 21:29
i like your work and trp`s.
15 Dec 10 05:04
Welcome to istudio and excellent work!!!
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