About Me

I'm going to be graduating with a bachelors degree in Film Production in March from the Art Institute of Tampa.

I specialize in visual effects, adding digital elements to live action video, ranging from color correction, background replacement, green screen compositing, adding 3D lights and shadows as well as background and foreground objects.

I'm looking to add more variety to my thesis projects by having professional talent in front of the camera and enhance my portfolio as well as my models/actors by creating demo reel material.

I am currently producing special effects action sequences for my senior projects. These shoots are demo reel material that will be portfolio pieces and focus more on the modeling aspect than acting.

View my work on my website, www.avmercenary.com


22 Aug 11 13:44
Hey Anthony, love the AV Mercenary Demo Reel Winter 2010. Fun stuff!
16 Feb 11 10:33
thanks for the PM and FR! perhaps our paths will cross someday! ;^)
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