About Me

Hello, my name is Monica. I am originally from Indonesia Jakarta. I am relatively new to modeling and are interested to be more serious. I'm a very easy to communicate and easy for friends. I am also a hard worker and always want to improve my skills in modeling, I always increase my body to meet the criteria for a profession that is always desired in the model. I also can pose nude art but not porn. I prefer to pose by using lingerie, swimsuit or bikini because I can express my body shape, hopefully by joining here I can improve my ability in the field of modeling


24 Jul 13 00:51
Ini kok gambarnya kebanyak yang Missed Focus yah. Fotografernya udah kebelet yah :P ANW, salam kenal. You have a very nice curve there.
24 Dec 10 12:04
hi...have added some new photos
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