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Hey there, my name is ariq I'm originally from indonesia, though I lived in US for almost 10 years.

I'm very passionate about modeling. I'm currently working on building my portfolio. I'm interested in High Fashion, Glamour, Editorial, Fitness, Swimwear, Beauty, Casual, Print/Commercial, Sports...

If you would like to work with me send me a message with details of a shoot and I will get back to you asap. Thank You.

hello there everybody. i am sassy and easy to get along with provided you also as i dont like stuckups and i have no tolerance for photogs wannabes.
hey eharmony and company is where you need to be as i dont take dating requests. mind p`s and q`s please.

i work in the adult-modeling industry and decided i just want to model. i will do nudes and fetish with almost any concepts except pornography as been ther, done that and basically not worth it.i will do collabs if i like the idea and $ is adequately satisfying to me.no freebies sorry and if not work for you, i am not interested, dont bother FR`ing me please.
i will do below
Mild BDSM.
and some concepts.

I am originally from Indonesia Jakarta. I am relatively new to modeling and are interested to be more serious. I'm a very easy to communicate and easy for friends. I am also a hard worker and always want to improve my skills in modeling, I always increase my body to meet the criteria for a profession that is always desired in the model. I also can pose nude art but not porn. I prefer to pose by using lingerie, swimsuit or bikini because I can express my body shape, hopefully by joining here I can improve my ability in the field of modeling

I am of Indian origin from Malaysia and currently studying in Bali, Indonesia for the past 3 years.

Since young, I have always been passionate about fashion and modelling. I am modelling and looking for wider and greater exposure to improve myself.

I speak fluent English,Chinese,Japanese,Tamil and Indonesian. I love to do fashion shows and work with people in the fashion industry. I have indulged in a wide variety of culture and I am still looking to get to know more!

I LOVE THE RUNWAY! I have done many fashion shows for Quicksilver, Roxy, Billabong, 69slam, Ed Hardy, lingeries and bikinis especially. I have also done events in hotels, entertainment clubs and even for concerts such as Boy George's concert here in Bali.

And I LOVE to do FETISH shoots!

I am a person with strong dreams and love to try out new things. I'd like to meet any photographer or agency who would want to work with me and see what I have to offer. I'm a fast learner and I am also open to opinions and critics.

I can do a wide range of genres from sensual to elegant to sexy to goth and also to extreme photography as I would love to explore what I can do in front of the camera. I love to get into the act and perform by bringing life into the shoot. I love to get to know people from different backgrounds and I am able to adapt to their needs.

I am willing to try out wide range of themes in photography and I am also keen to branch out more into lingeries, bikinis and glamor as well as nude modelling. I love fresh new ideas and creative thoughts and I can guarantee that I can give you my best on the job whether it is the runway or on the shoot of the set.

For photographers, models or even agencies or anyone out there, if you have any new ideas no matter how crazy it sounds that you would like to explore I believe I can provide you with the essential or more outcomes. I am ready to experiment and I am still looking for more and I want the experience! SO let's make magic together!

I LOVE to do nude themes but it is based on the photographer's need and options and level of nudity as well as the pay. I do not do nude shoots for very low pay. And the pay varies with the level of nudity required by the photographer. And please do not be mistaken, I do not do porn shots which includes insertion. Please do not approach me if you have those shots in mind.

Currently I am based in Bali as I am doing my degree here for the next 3 years. so I would like to get more jobs in this beautiful island.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.


29 Jan 11 04:30
some ports are unforgettable's like yours absolutely amazing work! http://www.zarihsretouching.com/
16 Jan 11 03:08
Hey Thanks for the FR! Have a wonderful new years ahead! ;)
19 Dec 10 21:47
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